Artist to exhibit his works in a solo exhibition in London

John Lewell, an artist/photographer/author, is all set to showcase more than fifty new works at The Strand Gallery, from 19th to 23rd May, 2015. The exhibit would be a very rare scope to see full-size prints of these snaps that are otherwise just viewable online at highly reduced resolution.
According to reports, artist John Lewell told hat he is calling it ‘Reconnecting’ because he is attempting to renew the link between photography and art, bringing back few of photography’s unique characteristics such asĀ  the decisive moment and spontaneity.

He added that a whole lot of top artists who utilize photography tend to target for objectivity and what the critics term ‘presence’. But in this endeavor, he believes that he has thrown out some of photography’s better qualities. He believes that he has found a way of reinstating them, hopefully without falling into the trap of the literalness of straight photography.

Landed on street photography developed by the artist, “Reconnecting” will have snaps which have been taken apart and reconstructed after that, often with alteration in position and colors. They have a common format, being composed of twenty one portrait-shaped rectangles separated by narrow white colored lines as well as set within an overall landscape frame.

John Lewell has a Fine Art from the University of Cambridge degree. He studied movies at what is now called University for the Creative Arts. He is also the author of several books.

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