Paul Cézanne (Part I) – Origins of Modern Art (ao El Greco, Pissarro, Picasso, Piet Mondrian)

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25 Responses to “Paul Cézanne (Part I) – Origins of Modern Art (ao El Greco, Pissarro, Picasso, Piet Mondrian)”

  1. 詳細くりっく 宝くじ当選 当選金お譲りします Says:


  2. judith yaron Says:

    thank you for your answer.i’ll wait.Like Ce’zanne! I think good work need a long time to be created .Do not believe in running,just in order to satisfy other people.

  3. betapicts Says:

    On my bookshelf ‘things to do’

  4. betapicts Says:

    hi judith, thank you for your interest, but I must disappoint you, I can’t tell you when part II is ready (I’ve finished half of it). It took me a half year to make part I. But first I like to make some vids on landscape art (starting with the bronze age haha). As I have said before, it took Cézanne sometimes several years to finish a painting (and he even lost interest in some…). so I’m not in bad company, ß

  5. judith yaron Says:

    Paul C’ezanne is my favorite artist. Any lecture and as such is so awaiting for.Please i am also interested about the second part and appreciate if you could give me an answer.thank you.

  6. betapicts Says:

    and: Peach Black and Silver White (Lead White) The latter color inferred by Bernard, but not listed. There are several colors of doubtful permanence on this list, according to present-day standards.

  7. betapicts Says:

    Perhaps you know it al, still: The list of colors used by Cézanne, according to Emile Bernard, is as follows. Yellows: Brilliant Yellow, Naples Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna. Reds: Vermilion, Red Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Rose Madder, Carmine Lake, Burnt Lake. Greens: Emerald Green, Viridian (chromium hydroxide ), Green Earth. Blues: Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue.

  8. marthad9 Says:

    Many thanks for your reply. I’m looking at a lot of Cezanne these days and trying to emulate his colors in my paintings.

  9. betapicts Says:

    hi Martha, not dense at all. I’m working on some landscape vids as a prelude to Cézanne’s mountain. it’ll take me a couple of months, but it took Cézanne often several years to finish one painting, so… 🙂

  10. marthad9 Says:

    Sorry to be so dense, but I could not find the relevant reply to Rorian. Just curious if you are going to do part ii or not. Thanks. I love Cezanne and can’t get enough.  I live far from an art museum that has his works.

  11. betapicts Says:

    my reply to Rorian still holds 🙂

  12. Ganapathy Subramaniam Says:

    This is Awesome! Thanks for sharing this fantastic documentary!

  13. marthad9 Says:

    Where is Part II of this excellent video?

  14. jonadubo Says:

    It will help me

  15. betapicts Says:

    and further I’ve extensively used the overwhelming amount of internet information on Cézanne, I saved dozens of links (wikipedia/museums: Metropolitan, etc.etc.)
    good luck!

  16. betapicts Says:

    hi John, here’s the literature in my possession:
    Philip Conisbee & Denis Coutagne (2006): Cézanne in Provence.
    Hajo Düchting (2003): Paul Cézanne, Nature becomes art.
    Erle Loran (2006): Cézanne’s Composition.
    Pavel Machotka (1996): Cézanne, Landscape into art.
    Maurice Merleau-Ponty (2003): Perceive the world and: Eye and mind, A philosophical essay on the perception in art.
    Norman Turner (2005): The Essay on Cézanne.
    Kaleigh Winchell (2009): Cézanne and the Practice of Painting.

  17. jonadubo Says:

    Hi, Professional vid
    I have an academic project about Cézanne’s work. Can you give me bibliographical information please?


    Brilliant insight into the works of Cezanne

  19. betapicts Says:

    thanks for your kind words, I like your work, smooth and professional (in contast to my amateur vids) and good music. but perhaps all a little to serious, put now and then some explicit fun into your vids (the american way). good luck with the expo. I’m from the NL

  20. Rorian Guimaraes Says:

    Yes, landscapes are a good theme
    And considering thta cézanne painted 30 oils and 45 aquarels from mount victoire this is perfect,
    I was puzzled with your narrative, where are you from?
    I will be doing an expo between nov 1st and 8th would like your opinion about my work.
    Will do a video during the exhibition.
    Best wishes (and waiting for part 2 of this excellent work)

  21. betapicts Says:

    hi Rorian, I got the (perhaps wretched) idea to first make a vid on landscape art, to place Cézanne in his time, on ‘Barbizon’ etc. and you know, a vid of an hour takes months of time…

  22. Rorian Guimaraes Says:

    Nicely done!
    Is there a part number 2 coming soon?

  23. Happy72dauber Says:

    Nice one, I can only agree with you there 🙂

  24. betapicts Says:

    In France they love tripe…

  25. Happy72dauber Says:

    If people like the paintings of Cezanne I wouldn’t deny them their enjoyment good luck to them, I’m no art expert. I’m not a butcher but I know tripe when I see it.