Stampeding antelopes gets top European honor

A snapshot of stampeding blesbok antelopes on South Africa’s Kariega Game Reserve’s plains has won the best European Wildlife snap. The photograph, named Living Rock Art by Neil Aldridge, targets to click the energy and movement of blesboks in a still frame.

Mr Aldridge from North Somerset told that when he saw the photo on his camera’s screen, he really knew that it was very special. He was really speechless when the winner was announced. Mr Aldridge is a conservation photographer. He was in South Africa as he was working on a story regarding the whole rhino poaching scenes when he saw the herd of blesbok. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kinsley to share wildlife photography tips

Reffley Community Centre, located in Lynn, would be the setting for a talk on Capturing Wildlife Through Photography on Friday. The beautifully illustrated lecture by Jerry Kinsley would introduce people to the stunning world of wildlife photography. Jerry Kinsley would share suggestions on how to click snaps of wildlife in Norfolk as well as let people into some of the secrets of his photography.

The talk would run from 7.30 pm to 9 pm. Pre-booking is not necessary. And, do not worry about refreshments.

Meanwhile, a fifteen year old British boy has left behind pro photographers from all across the world to snatch an international photo title. Suffolk’s Kyle Moore snatched the 1st spot in the Celebrating Nature contest run by Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.
The teen age boy took up photography when he was just twelve years old. He won for his snap of a squirrel shuddering in the snow. Kyle Moore told that the snap was taken in his local town park on a snowy winter’s morning.

He added that as they had a snow fall, he decided to go there to photograph the squirrels that love the park. He had to lay on the freezing ground to get eye level with the squirrel, and luckily it paused just for a second. He was lucky enough to capture the sharp image.

The contest that is open to both pro and amateur photographers attracted over five hundred entries from all over the world.

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Magnificent wildlife snaps to go exhibit

Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit starts at the Rheged earlier on Saturday and would run till 18th May, Sunday. Rheged’s Arts Officer John Stokes stated that they are very happy to be arranging this well known wildlife photography exhibit and contest in their gallery. This year, it has attracted d entries from more than forty thousand photographers.

This is the forty ninth year of this annual exhibit. Here visitors would be able to see hundred finalists that include

49h annual exhibition and visitors to Rheged will be able to see the 100 finalists which include enormously intimate as well as close up pictures of endangered and exotic wildlife starting from lion cubs to majestic polar bears to endangered tigers.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest is arranged by Natural History Museum along with the BBC Wildlife Magazine. Every October, there is a huge awards ceremony where they announce the winners of all 18 categories that include underwater worlds, stunning shots of natural landscapes, animal portraits, animals in their natural environment as well as endangered species.

The overall winning photographer of this year is South Africa’s Greg Du Toit, whose picture titled ‘Essence of Elephants’ snatched the first prize as well as £ 10000 as prize money. The photograph was clicked in Botswana. This is a phantasmal portrayal of a herd of elephants as they surround a watering hole.
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit is set to start from 15th March and it would continue till 18th May 2014. It would be open each day from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.

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Birds-eye view of photographer

It was the first day of the year when Jesse Tinsley had it off – clicking Polar Bear Plunge. And instead of a camera, he was holding his remote control unit. The snaps were being clicked by a tiny camera that was attached to a little drone flying over the lake. Later, the birds-eye-view video revealed shivering, squealing plungers hurrying in and out of the lake.

Tinsley told that he was very tickled with it and he went ahead and put it up on the newspaper’s website. With this, the photographer brought down on the unstable leading edge of a subject which combines personal freedom, federal regulation, privacy, journalism and technology. Many are closely watching to see what Federal Aviation Administration do when it brings out new regulations for commercial drone use next year.

Till then, Tinsley’s magnificent beach video is officially an absolutely no-no. When a web portal did a story regarding this, they termed this as a grey area. But an FAA spokesperson told that there is no grey area.

Jesse Tinsley told that he stepped in the bear trap. Certainly, he is not the only bear. A whole lot of photojournalists are interested in drone photography capabilities and most of them have rallied behind Jesse. Earlier, top news houses like CNN and BBC have used unmanned drone to click pictures of sports, public works as well as natural disaster.

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National Geographic Traveller arranges photography contest

Globetrotters who love photography as well as writing now have a great opportunity to enter in the National Geographic Traveller United Kingdoms annual writing and photography contest. This competition offer budding writers as well as photographers a good place to show their talent. They would also get photo credit in international publication.

To win the writing contest, scribes should be economical and concise as they have to crush their life changing as well as inspirational travel experience in only two hundred 200 words.

The winner would get a ten day tour through Vietnam for 2 people, and that includes return planes from Gatwick airport with the Vietnam Airlines. They would also get a scope to write on their travel experience on the online blog of the magazine.
The contest invites photography enthusiasts with an eye for clicking different moments to give their top pictures. The winning photographer would be handed a thirteen day trek via Arctic aboard Sea Explorer.

The winner of 2013 penned an evocative essay regarding Huichol Indians of Mexico, describing the land they live in and their physicality. In his winning entry, Ben Taub wrote: “Ravaged, cracked and ambiguous, the rocky landscape of western Mexico bears an uncanny resemblance to the skin of the Huichol Indians who inhabit it, as if it were somehow encoded into their DNA. Read the rest of this entry »

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Goran Tomasevic’s photography

Photojournalism could be a grave profession, mainly for those journalists who are attracted to conflict photography. Goran Tomasevic is one such photojournalist who works for a leading news agency who has been keeping his life on the line in war areas for more than twenty years.

One of the things which define Goran Tomasevic’s photography style is just how close he is ready to get to the action. He has a tendency not to leave the place till the war is finished. Recently looking at his snaps he found some pictures that he could not even realize that he took the snap at that time. His snaps shows hand grenades thrown not far away from where Goran Tomasevic was standing.

According to reports, Tomasevic told that when a combat operation begins for him, there is no way back. He would be ashamed of himself, of not going to the end. If one is going to do some story, he/she have to go catch the toughest moments. And he believes that these moments offer the best pictures. He has also been doing his job in Syria.

Belgian-born photographer Eva Vermandel begun in her project Splinter in the year 2006 to hit against the disposability culture and make thing with deeper resonance. In the past 7 years, she created a series of snaps which amplify one another. She is deeply influenced by DH Lawrence. Eva told that she tries to utilize her camera using elements of reality. he name of the series is Splinter. She told that it is because the longer one looks into that, they more slips into that.

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Food themed painting and photography

Budding photographers and artists can show their talent in two new contests launched earlier this week by Weston super Food Festival. Mercury backed program, running from 12th to 22nd September, is offering people the scope to get involved in several different ways and people could also win prizes.

Winning entries in painting and photography contests will be showcased at the Weston Museum during the festival time from 14th September to 29th September. The photography contest is on ‘harvest’ theme; and children and adults can take some important snaps to be judged by pro landscape photographer Clive Minnitt.

Sally Packer, the Festival organizer, stated that she was over the moon when Clive agreed to get involved with the event. She has always been interested in photography and to have a well known and class photographer on board adds a lot of credibility to the contest.

Entries will be divided in 3 categories – for children aged under 7; another 7 to 11 and the last age group is 12 to 17; and for adults it is 18 and over.

The Fabulous Fruit painting contest is open to teenagers and children aged 7 to 18, who have paint their favorite fruit in any style. To be in with a scope of winning, one have to write their name, address, email address and contact telephone number on the back of the entry and deliver or post it to Weston super Food Festival, 33 Beechmount Drive, Weston, BS24 9EY.

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